QR Codes Connect Mobile Customers

Provide Timely Information to Those on the Go

Mobile Devices Serve Multiple Functions
Anywhere you go you’ll see someone using their smart phone. These mobile devices seem to do everything for you including making dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant. Not only do they allow someone to call their neighbor, but they also link the user to the broader world of the internet.

Linking Up With Your CustomerQR Codes
QR Codes, when used in conjunction with printed promotional materials, enhance your message by linking your customer to your website or designated landing page.

Multiple Uses For QR Codes
Restaurants can post menus; manufacturers product details; business cards link to your company’s story; and brochures lead prospects to additional information. QR Codes can provide directions, offer special promotions or direct someone to your newest product or service.

QR Codes Are Easy To Use
Creating QR Codes is easy and our creative staff at Lafayette Printing can help you build this unique tool into your next print marketing project. We’ve placed QR Codes on business cards, sales folders, brochures, posters and direct mail pieces. They can come in different colors and printed on almost anything. All are designed to connect customers directly to your business and to more detailed information.

Lafayette Printing QR CodeContact Us
Lafayette Printing can help get you started using QR Codes. Contact us by clicking on the QR Code and we’ll be happy to discuss how you can leverage QR Codes in your next project.

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