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Maps Offer More Than Directions

Printed maps offer a wealth of information that help the user find what they need quickly and easily … even today when many use MapQuest or their GPS to find the best route to their destination.

Maps help you locate restaurants, sports complexes, lodging, recreation areas and downtown shopping. For larger areas like college campuses, shopping malls, and parks, maps provide details that online versions do not.


Maps Offer Useful, Targeted Marketing Message
As a marketing tool, maps provide an opportunity for those in the hospitality, recreation, retail and real estate markets to remind the user again and again that you are a local resource. Not only will you be seen as providing something very useful, your name will be in front of your customers for years to come.

Maps Come In Many Shapes and SizesPocket Map
Maps can be printed in a variety of unique shapes and sizes that allow you to set yourself apart.Downtown Map

Pocket Maps
Kiosk Maps
Display Maps
Traditional Fold Up Maps
Large Atlas Book Style Maps

Let our printing specialists at Lafayette Printing help you select the map that promotes your message best. We promise not to get you lost.

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