Expandable Pocket Guides

Expandable Pocket Guides … the next BIG THING

Miami Cty Pocket Map

What fits in your pocket or purse, goes anywhere, and is something your customers can’t live without?

It’s your printed Expandable Pocket Guide with information ranging from your restaurant’s carry out menu, to details on your local services, to maps and schedules for your next event.

Expanding Your Options
This handy, convenient expandable pocket guide starts out credit card size, but unfolds to amplify your message in a big way. The expanded guide is 9” x 8”-12” giving you ample room to display and promote your complete story.


Infinite Ways to Promote Your Business or EventPurdue pocket guide
• Restaurant carry-out menus
• Park and neighborhood maps
• Safety instructions
• Product guides
• Golf course layouts
• Community event guides
• School guidelines
• Installation instructions
And many more applications can fit into this unique, but handy format.

Convenient, Go Anywhere
Your expandable pocket guide folds up easily and fits into your customer’s purse, wallet, pocket or glove box. They serve as a continuous reminder of your product, service and event each time they unfold and display your key marketing message.

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