Wolf Park

How(L) Wolf Park Stays in Front of Its Customers 365 Days a Year


Custom designed calendars are just one of the ways that Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN, promotes its many activities to its visitors, volunteers and contributors. Each page identifies special events, messages and dates specifically for their organization. What better way to stay in front of your clients all year round?

Calendars, Posters, Brochures and Newsletters
Lafayette Printing has worked closely with the Wolf Park staff for many years to bring the stories of the special park residents to its adult and youth visitors. Not only in a calendar filled with photographs that capture the lives of the wolves, but also in posters, brochures and newsletters.

Denise Pearson, Wolf Park’s Director of Development, Membership and Marketing Coordinator, remarked, “We have a wonderful relationship with Lafayette Printing. As a non-profit organization with a tight budget, they continually go out of their way to help us manage our printing expenses.”

Wolf Park CalendarNow is the Time to Order 2016 Calendars
With the end of the year rapidly approaching now is the time to order your 2012 Calendars. From design to printing, Lafayette Printing will help manage the entire process to create a calendar that your customers and supporters will enjoy throughout the coming year. With Lafayette Printing’s exceptional print quality and attention to detail, your calendars will be ones that your customers will continue to ask for year, after year, after year.

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For more information on Wolf Park visit their website at Wolf Park.org.