Faith Ministries Campaign

Spreading the Word and Making It Personal

Faith Ministries Campaign Brochure

“Our Spreading the Word brochure is the center piece of our public campaign to raise $3,000,000 for Faith Ministries new Purdue Bible Fellowship facility,” according to Arvid Olson, Faith Ministries Director of Development. “The initial reaction when potential contributors saw the campaign brochure was tremendous and very powerful. One guest to our church was so impressed that he insisted on getting his own copy before he left the facility,” noted Arvid.

When Excellence Matters
The brochure was concepted and designed by members of the Faith staff and Arvid, with the final graphic design by Christina Marsh, a Purdue student. Arvid commented, “It was an absolute joy to watch this project come together and to see how well the printed piece turned out. When excellence matters, I rely on Lafayette Printing.”

Faith Ministries
Faith Ministries Purdue Bible Fellowship

Making It Personal With Variable Printing
In an era of busy people, personalized messages resonate. They answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Arvid added, “A clearly crafted message, confidently presented, and personalized will rise to the top.”

To create a personalized campaign brochure for each of Faith’s 1000 member families, variable printing was used. Individual’s names were incorporated within the text and the closing paragraph was tailored to different contributor segments. In very challenging economic times, the campaign’s results are 15% ahead of historical trends. A trend everyone hopes continues through the conclusion of the campaign in mid November.

Lafayette Printing — Your Local Source For Variable Printing
Throughout this process, Arvid and his team worked closely with Lafayette Printing to produce the eight page, die cut brochure. Lafayette Printing is the only area printer with the capability inhouse to do offset printing, die cutting, and integrating variable content — all in one brochure.


QR Codes Enhance The Message
The Faith Ministries brochure also incorporated a “QR Code” that takes visitors to a video presentation on the Purdue Bible Fellowship program. QR codes are links printed on documents that allow mobile devices, like smart phones, to connect directly to your website.

Have Questions?
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